Handling of cases of investigation

When you examine a crime scene the traditional way, you bring a camera, notebook and record or photograph anything that seems crucial to the perpetration of the crime, why it was committed and who committed it, a process that can give as many questions as you can give answers in a short time. Theft business (or corporate) identity is a form of fraud in which the perpetrator steals the identity of the company and uses it to purchase goods and services, establishing lines of credit at banks or shops. Due to the questionable methods of fraud may seem that the Deposit was held, but by the time when the Bank will mark the check as fraudulent, the victim may have already sent the money. In their figurative application shake conjures up images of how the person crashing down on his head and shaken to forcefully remove the money from his pockets. Unfortunately, most investment scams are designed for the elderly.

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Police make little attempt to hide the collection of money, exposing the almost complete lack of political will on the part of Nigerian authorities to bring the police to account for their actions. To reduce political manipulation of the police by setting the term of office of the inspector General of police to one five-year term, and subject to the confirmation of the appointment and removal by a two-thirds majority of the votes in the Senate, as recommended by the President in 2008. The Committee on police reform in Nigeria. 171 Cm. John Ameh, mother of slain student SSS-II, requires the prosecution of the police “, the punch (Lagos), November 12, 2007? Theartic = Art20071112304828 (accessed 10 June 2010).

In 2009, Nigeria ranked 158th place out of 182 countries on the human development index of the UN development Program. For example, fraudsters, who start with fraud charges 81% more likely to move on to fake content than other forms of fraud. Sometimes fraud takes months and months to establish a relationship. IBA Tuanvu also played the role of an agent of currency exchange Hawala, although it will facilitate the return of the British sterling back to the UK from Nigeria in favor of the crooks. He said to the representatives of the Irish radio Dermot & Dave, he likes to turn the tables of people who try to cheat others out of their money.

Ordinary Nigerians also denied equal protection under the law due to a widespread practice whereby senior police officers sell their own personal police protection to the rich elite of Nigeria.Figure 7 shows an example phrase for a sentence. The man has a big blue car. In the documents of disgraced scientist Diderik Stapel, which contained fraudulent data that he deliberately manipulated, less adjectives were used than in his exact documents about his legitimate research. The following table lists some of the common features of telephone fraud. Avast Free Antivirus includes special protection against phishing, malicious URLs, fake websites, https://blum-michael.com/ and email fraud, so scammers will be blocked before they even get the chance to trick you.


81 Human Rights Watch interview with a 20-year-old passenger of a commercial minibus. Lagos, November 27, 2008 54 leaders of Nigeria steal $ 380 billion, BBC News, October 20, 2006 (as of April 22, 2010), 2. Romantic fraudsters claim they need money for emergencies, trips to hospital or bills. Provide funding to the Nigerian government, including technical and financial assistance to the Nigerian police force, for tangible progress in holding police officers accountable for corruption and other serious abuses. Sometimes they hack your supplier’s emails to send an invoice, so the email address is genuine, but the payment details change to those that belong to the fraudster.

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